Is No Exam Life Insurance The Best Option for Seniors?

No exam life insurance is the best option for seniors and in many cases is the only one available for this vulnerable category of citizens.  It is quick, easy to understand and it provides significant death benefits. Many people question the value of no exam life insurance, but they do not fully understand the whole picture.


We will try to demystify this policy and tell you why it is advantageous to have it.  All policies have pros and cons and we will not try to hide the cons of no exam life insurance.

No exam life insurance has the same basics as any other policy: the insurance company, also known as insurer or carrier, provides coverage for a determined period of time of lifetime to its client, also named insured. In exchange for coverage, the insured pays premiums which will be saved in a designated account.

Depending on the policy, the saved money will increase with interest rates or not.  No exam life insurance is different because it provides protection where traditional policies do not. Sick individuals and seniors are usually those refused by insurers that sell standard policies.  By their criterions of selections, they represent a too greater risk and a huge liability.  Although denying this right might seem unjust, companies have the autonomy to select their clients.

Even seniors can now get their long desired protection. This is possible with the help of no exam life insurance.  You will not have to worry about being over 50 years old, an age that is usually the limit of standard policies. Medical exams are not required and some companies do not even require and info from your medic.

Still, if you do not have major medical problems or problems at all, bringing some medical record can help lowering the life insurance costs.  In most of cases, all you have to do is to apply, complete a short form and answer to several medical questions.

The amounts of coverage are limited, but sufficient to provide a decent income replacement. Unfortunately, if you have more than 80 years old or you were declared terminally ill, you do not qualify for no exam life insurance.

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